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11 September 2011 @ 05:32 pm
Looking over my friends list, I feel like I should post more.

There's been a lot going on but I've never been that great at knowing what to write about XD.

Guess the biggest thing is I broke my foot a few weeks ago. I see the doc again this week and I'm a lil nervous about it. It'll be good if I get the okay on it and can be cast less but at the same time... I'm not sure when I'll be going back to work and it'll be awkward after all this time. it's awkward enough after a sick day. Well-- hopefully things will go well and all that.

Thought it was rad to see that Rachel was posting her fics where peeps could see them and to catch up a bit with whats been going on with her.

I've mostly been rping and playing vid games.. drawing.. the normal stuff. I wish Lj hadn't updated something. Now I can't edit some of my entries at all or it will screw up the whole code. Ah well.

Hi everyone
Rachel: ncisatacklehugalakuriel on September 11th, 2011 10:19 pm (UTC)
Yay, an oneesama! *tacklehugs*

I'm sorry to hear about your foot! How on earth did you manage to break it? I've known plenty of people who've broken their leg before, but never a foot. Ouch. o.o I'm sure that everyone will be happy to see you again, when you return to work! I always like to bring in a treat for everyone, like doughnuts or something, to help me feel less awkward about my absence.

The livejournal update sucks - they updated the Rich-Text Editor, which is why you can't edit a bunch of stuff. There's an ongoing thread for reporting bugs here and here, but after about three weeks, they aren't very good at responding anymore. Personally, I take that as a sign that we need to start bugging them more. You can also post a support request here, to bug them more. ;)

You should comment on my fics, so I have some feedback! The lack of feedback is actually making me really nervous, since I've posted links to them to a few communities, and uploaded them to Teaspoon.

It's good to see you on livejournal again! We should both try to maintain a habit of posting more. o.o
セーラーX: Mokonasailor_x on September 12th, 2011 07:18 pm (UTC)
The rare and elusive oneesama post XD *Returns the hug!*

Lol I'm still not sure how I did it. I was on vacation at the time walking down a nature trail when my sister and I heard a loud pop from my foot and I fell over. According to the doctor it was liked I sprained my ankle but to a greater degree. He thinks I twisted it and it was either going to be a sprained ankle, a snapped tendon, or that piece of bone would have given way. So the bone is the part that took the pressure and broke 8/.... but they say it's better than tendon damage. Since I had to still walk out of that trail.... I'm glad it wasn't a sprained ankle XD. It still hurt to move... but the ankle would have been worse to walk on I think. They probably will be.

IT DOOOOOES. i did find that if I'm in Firefox, and I'm just viewing my entries.. it's easier to select the entry I want to edit, highlight it and copy the html... then hit edit and paste the code I copied with firefox XD. Then I can edit.

I should :3.

I was glad to see you'd been posting more too. We should!