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30 September 2009 @ 10:55 pm
Strangeness, and other ramblings  
It's kind of weird sometimes, when you run into an old friend or hear some news about them. It's just strange not being a part of their life anymore, or not having them in yours. I still feel for them.. and I guess sometimes I wonder if they ever feel anything about me. There are times when I strongly wish I could reach out to them and comfort them, or chat.. but they don't always seem receptive. It's like having your hands tied. It's just strange, especially when you were close. Now you're on the outside looking in, instead of actually being on the inside.

Sa, sa, I'm sure we can all dwell on some portion of our past that we miss.. so I'll keep it brief.

I hope for the best for all my friends; past, present, and future ^___^. May all our dreams come true!


Made another rosary today. I'm planning on branching out and making some other types of jewelry I just had this one design I really loved that I had to make a second time. Plus it reminds me of someone who is special to me ^__^.. my petite!

The new season of Inuyasha should be airing on October 3rd. According to this source it'll air in Japan and hours later it will air online subtitled in english for the American audience. I forget the link... but I think you have to be a member since it wouldn't load for me *shrugs*. Episodes should air on Saturdays.

Vampire Wars is addicting.

And! I'm finally working on getting In My Words revamped and finished for upload.... again. I do have new quizzes.. but recoding the old results pages is grating on me. Let's get to the new stuff!